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  • Best Yoga Poses for Women

    Strength-Building Poses Strength is sexy. Michelle Obama, Oprah and Angelina Jolie as the adventuring, extremely buff "Lara Croft" are examples of women who exude strength ...0 comments

  • Know Different Yoga Styles

      Many different types of yoga exist and it can be difficult to figure out which particular one is right for you. Most styles of yoga are ...0 comments

  • Self-realization through Mahayoga (Siddhayoga)

    Mahāyoga is the designation of the first of the three Inner Tantras according to the ninefold division of practice used by the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Ray associates the Mahāyoga with ...0 comments

  • Know about Zen yoga

    Zen yoga refers to a variety of physical and energetic practices that can be found within the Zen Buddhist tradition, and increasingly taught in the West. ...0 comments

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