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    Supta Udarakarshanasana: This asana belongs to Pawanmuktasana Part 2 which is also known as Digestive/Abdominal Group. The twisting stretch of the spinal muscles relieves the strain and stiffness caused by prolonged sitting. Dhanurasana: This asana belongs to backward ...0 comments

  • Forward bending and back bending Asanas

    Having achieved a certain amount of pliability, you would need to correlate mental and physical activities and this is where these yoga positions help. A gradual stretching of the body helps to extend the back ...0 comments

  • Top 10 Yoga Poses

    # Bhakti Yoga # Karma Yoga # Ashtanga Yoga # Jnana Yoga # Hatha Yoga # Kundalini Yoga # Swara Yoga # Raja Yoga # Kriya Yoga # Mantra Yoga 0 comments

  • Philosophy of Yoga and Spirituality

    Yoga also teaches that the individual is empowered to affect change in his or her own life.  The yoga philosophy is taught in many metaphysical and psychological schools of thought, and there are examples of ...0 comments

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