Benefits Of Silence : Straight From Yoga Instructor

Terry Miller is a former nurse certified in the science of yoga, craniosacral and trauma release therapy. She is also the founder of Quiet Mind Retreats, a practitioner at Lily Pond Aquatic Therapies, and host of “Living a Good Life,” a weekly wellness radio show on WRFR.

Miller relishes the benefits of silence, and will be offering a one-day silent retreat on Saturday, March 14, at Lily Pond House in Rockport.

“Silence opens up a sacred space of time, allowing us to pause from the everyday routine of life to quiet the mind, soften the body and ease the breath,” says Miller.

“Silence offers an opportunity to practice awareness and acceptance of our experiences from moment to moment,” she continues, “and to observe how the relationship between thoughts and behaviors affects the conditions of the mind/body.” Source

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