We live in a short attention span society. Between the hours most of us spend in front of the television and the time we spend online, our ability to concentrate is practically under siege on a daily basis.

Yoga is a great way to improve concentration, just by its nature. Working a few of the postures and breathing exercises below into your practice can help boost your power to focus even more!

1. Salutation Seal

This simple breathing exercise is a great way to start your practice. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, bring your hands into prayer position. Try to quiet your mind, focusing instead on inhaling and exhaling deeply while keeping your spine nice and straight. Salutation seal really helps bring focus to the rest of your practice….it’s so centering!
2. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Another breathing exercise, practicing alternate nostril breathing for a couple of minutes can really help clear your mind. Like with salutation seal, you’ll sit cross legged. Hold your right hand with your palm in front of your face, and fold down your pointer and middle fingers. Before you inhale, use your thumb to hold your right nostril closed. Hold onto that breath, then release the right nostril and use your ring finger to hold your left nostril closed as you exhale.

Now, inhale while still holding the left nostril closed, then switch nostrils to exhale. Repeat this cycle for a couple of minutes to focus your mind and clear your head of distracting thoughts.

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