Partner yoga has had various incarnations over the years. Lea Kraemer of Prana Mandir who has been teaching for twenty years has seen it go in and out of fashion. One of the most recent incarnations that you may heard of is the registered trademarked AcroYoga which blends Sun Salutation and standing poses warm-ups utilizing a partner’s touch and weight, followed by flying and therapeutic Thai Yoga massage.

In general partner yoga allows you to support and receive while in a posture. It cultivates touch, allows you to stretch more deeply using the body weight of another person, brings about greater understanding of the body, and heightens one’s sense of union and community.

Partner A would start in a Child’s Pose
Partner B would be bring the base of their sacrum to the base Partner A’s sacrum, bend their knees, lift their hips up and lie back on Partner A’s spine. Partner B can bring their neck slightly to the side to avoid putting too much pressure on partner A’s neck.

Partner A will lay on the floor in Savasana.
Partner B will support Partner A’s knee and ankle joint with his or her hands and bend Partner A’s right or left knee into tree pose. Coming into Anjaneyasana, Partner B can then using his or her body weigh to apply pressure with his or her palms to Partner A’s inner thighs.

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