Which Yoga Asanas Are Effective In Getting Skin Glow?

Yoga asanas are healthiest natural way of making your skin glow. There are numerous asanas in yoga for shining skin. Below is a list of which yoga asanas are effective in getting skin glow.

* Lie down on the floor with eyes closed.

* Relax your body and push out negative thoughts and tensions.

* Next, stand firmly with your legs apart; cover face with your hands, take 10 quick breaths.

* Rub the skin on your eyes, forehead and face, take 10 quick breaths. Rub your entire face with your fingers, take 10 quick breaths.

* Meditation in the mornings releases stress and negative thoughts.

* Interlock your fingers and place forearms on the floor.

* Place the crown of your head in between the interlocked hands.

* Raise hips and knees slowly off the ground; straighten your legs, pressing down on toes.

* Transfer your body weight to the interlocked hands and head while balancing.

* Lift legs off the ground and bring it in a straight line with your trunk.

* Lie on the floor and lift your legs to 90 degrees.

* Lift your waist and trunk off the floor by supporting with your hands.

* Close your eyes and breathe normally.

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