Pranayama can be called an exploration in stillness, a subtle and dynamic exploration involving breathing. All around us and within, there is a continuous flow of energy. The wind blows and moves the trees, there is a movement of limbs and bodies, animals and people walk and work. Prana or life energy is seen in its expressions, not by itself. Amidst the continuous, tremendous movement one also sees stillness – a tree at the time of pranayamasunset when the breeze has suddenly stopped, a cat resting on the floor, a bird on a telegraph wire or on a branch. But man seems to be still only in sleep.

Movement is one of the essential functions of life. However still the cat, blood courses through its veins, propelled by the action of the heart muscles. However still the tree, sap rises in its core. Only the involuntary life sustaining processes are at work.

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